Co-Publishing Agreement with migme

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Clipeo is pleased to announce the signing of a co-publishing agreement with global digital media company migme Limited (“migme”).  Migme, headquartered in Singapore and publicly listed in Australia, is focused on emerging markets, and offers an open-social entertainment platform which provides services through portfolio brands.  

Under the terms of this agreement, Clipeo is to co-publish with migme a localized version of “EIGHTEEN” and offer the service through the popular migme mobile app in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and India.  The social nature of the application will create another avenue for migme’s artists and influencers to engage in co-marketing, awareness building and monetization strategies.


THE NINE – 리라아트고 편

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‘Capture Your Talent, Share Your Talent’라는 비전의 신개념 모바일 엔터테인먼트 서비스 EIGHTEEN은 지난 6월 14일, 약 2주간 진행 되었던 ‘THE NINE’ 리라아트고 편의 경연 종료와 함께 최다 득표자 학생을 축하했다.

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